Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Three Musketeers

(photo from Google images)

There are three girls with Downs Syndrome in our school. They are sixth graders who often seem more like little old ladies, walking down the hall arm-in-arm, thick as thieves and full of confidence. I often see them bossing each other around or encouraging each other with a lot of sincerity, and sometimes a lot of emotion. I have had almost no interaction with them until today, since Mrs. M is their teacher, but today was memorable!

I just got SPANKED by one of these girls the hallway! That’s right; smacked right on the butt by a girl whose name I didn’t even know. I had stopped Spunky, Silly, and Sassy in the hallway, because I had just seen Spunky smack Silly on the bottom. I said, “Excuse me, Ladies….that is not [SMACK] appropriate!” Spunky slunk off, giggling, and her partners-in-mischief followed suit.

Taken aback, flipping through the rolodex of responses in my head (and trying not to laugh out loud) I said sternly, “THAT is not okay! I think we need to go talk with Mrs. M! Spunky crinkled up her nose, stuck out her tongue, and defiantly spat, “No!” Grasping at straws; at a loss for what to do (I don’t know these girls at all and have never taught D.S. kids), I threatened, “Do I just need to write a referral instead?”

“OOOOOOOOOOOOO!” came her smart-aleck response (as in, “Ooooooooo; I’m so scared! Lady, you are in way over your head, so just shuffle off and mind your own business!” Yikes!!) And she turned around, shuffling off to lunch.

Of course, I followed up with her teacher, and I have an entirely new respect for Mrs. M and her gang of aides down the hall. I now know Spunky’s real name. (And I’ll probably walk backwards down the hall the next time I see her!)


  1. Well that will teach you!!! j/k! Kudos to Ms. M. I have a feeling her class is never dull.

  2. Ouch! I have a whole new respect for you. I don't think I could be as cool and claim as you. I'm sure it has to be quit diffcult to be a teacher sometimes. Have to put up with some unrully kids. They don't have to have D.S. for that.
    Well I hope the rest of the week is better for you. Hopefully no more spankings are in you future. Well unless you ask to be spanked ;)


  3. Here I am reading you on my conference. I must like it here!

    This made me smile. I have been licked in the face (cow like) by a D.S. kid. He is non-verbal and this is how he shows he likes you!

    And once I was on the bus with two MR children (filling in for a friend who was an aide). The bus driver got off the bus to talk to the teacher of the first child he dropped off. I was left alone with the second boy, who was a pretty big boy. Long story short he tried to jump into the driver's seat, the bus was running, so I tried to stop him and he, well, ummm...he bit me in the boob! He bit me really hard too! It a bruise. I found out later this was a common problem with him. Boy did my principal have fun teasing me about that one!

  4. Having read the post above first... I can't believe she spanked you!! She's a feisty one!!

  5. I got spanked in the stomach by a boy with Down's in my school. He's a cutie pie. I just started to laugh but his ERW's were forcing him to apologize to me which he did while laughing!


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