Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rare Breeds, Those Runners...

It has rained about two inches in the past two days. I can’t imagine what it would be like if it were snow, which is what is expected in Wisconsin this time of year. Also unexpected tonight, as I drove home in 36 degrees and pour raining, were the three separate psychos (I mean people) who were running (as in jogging). Seriously. Granted, 36 degrees on a January day in Wisconsin typically calls for shorts, sandals, and no coat, but 36 degrees in pouring rain?? In the dark? One of these diehards was even running with a soaking wet dog! Who takes his dog out for a run in the pouring rain, when he can let Fido poop in the back yard and still get back inside in time to watch Oprah?

What in the world drives these people? I have no idea. I would like to know what force propels them. Is it the same force that propelled me to the cookie table at Parents Night tonight (four times), knowing there was no way at all, in spite of the threatening downpour of carbs and calories, that I could go without? Is it the same force that insists that I must drink at least two Diet Cokes each day or die? Perhaps this force is behind my strong aversion to getting on the treadmill these days? Or the force that keeps me from getting my butt to bed right now? I just wonder what makes some people driven in one direction and others driven in another, much more healthy (if fanatical) direction.

Running. In pouring rain. On a 36-degree January night in Wisconsin. All I can say is better you than me.


  1. Amen and Amen to this one. I saw a woman and her dog the other day out in the cold. It's been warmer now but when I saw her it was just crazy weather. My response to them is "Good luck with that!"

  2. Ahh, reminds me of when David was working in Cal for 6 mos.. He arrived in Jan. and 40 degrees felt warm, as we live in Alaska. He went out running every day in his hot pink running shorts, and folks wondered about him. He even took off his t shirt, and swam in the unheated pool.
    But... you won't see him running outside in winter here unless it is at least 20, and it was last week! (No shorts though!) Heck, a few times he has gone running with an umbrella!! Can you believe it?
    He has been running (or Nordic track or stationary bike) for 40 years. When he was younger, he just HAD to after work, or he would go crazy. It relaxed him.
    David rarely lets me wash his running shorts! I have mended them a few times, but he is afraid they might fall apart.
    He says his hobby is staying fit, and he is in great shape for a 65 year old, so I guess it is working. I'll stick to walking thank you.... :)

  3. I love running and will do it any time, any weather. Crazy, I know. But it is like therapy for me.


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