Friday, February 1, 2008

The Best Medicine

The Boy has always been a funny guy. Nary a week goes by that I don't laugh so hard I cry over something he says. It started when he was about two and a half. He was sitting at the dining room table, muttering something to our cat, Max, who was sitting on the table (not allowed). I had just passed by and decided to sneak back to listen, unnoticed. He wore a scowl and angrily shook a finger at Max, "Chicken--Butt--Nose--Blood!" (Toddler-talk for "You'd better get your ass off the table, or Mom's going to kill you, Buddy!)

There are many, many other gems recorded in a journal that I have kept for 16 years. I won't list them here. (In lieu of thanks, feel free to make a donation to my hair appointment next week; this one is going to break me!) I'll just stick to the most recent. For example, for the past year, whenever anyone says just about anything, such as, "I'm tired," or "I wish someone would let the dog out," or "I'm tired of asking you to empty the dishwasher," he replies, "Your mom's tired," or "Your mom wishes someone would let the dog out," (You get the idea.)

I never expect it; he always gets me. It drives some people (like Mr.4444) crazy, but I think it's funny, even when it's at my expense. I've even taken to getting him back. For example, when he recently said, "I need a new swimsuit," I said, "Your mom needs a new swimsuit!" He can't help but laugh at my revenge. Try it some time (only not around the time your boss says, "I need to see you in my office."

One expression The Boy has used for a few years (when he needs to) is "Son-of-a-nutcracker!" Yesterday, however, he spontaneously said instead, "Son-of-a-crackhead!" Now, in writing, that doesn't sound that funny, but try it out on a family member at the right time and get back to me; I'll bet they laugh! (We did, hard.)

Then there was the comment at the City Chicken Feast about the lady at the Harley Rally. That kid is quick, and whenever he's not here, the house feels empty (even ask The Girl!) He's gone for the weekend...what are we going to do without him? Guess I'll have to go read the journal...

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  1. Your son sounds funny.

    My son (the one who is nine) loves to say son-of-a-nutcracker! But then again, we love Elf, too.


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