Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Truth Hurts Sometimes

I have this habit of being completely honest; you can always count on me for the truth. I think it comes from a childhood of secrets; when I grew up, I learned that telling the truth is very, very liberating. Most people find my honesty refreshing, and they appreciate it. Some people find it frightening. Usually, it serves me well. Take today, for example.

"Hi, Barb!" chirped a friendly voice I did not recognize. "How are you doing today?!"


"Great! This is Julie, from the Kirby Company!" (See, I'm your new BFF, since your friend gave us your name and number, so now you can welcome me into your home without any reservation at all!)


"Did Friend tell you we'd be calling?" she said sunnily.


"Really?" And then she takes on a conspiratorial tone (since we're great buds) and elbows me over the phone, "What did she say about us?!" Giggle. (Cuz that's what chums do, too, you know.)

"She said she spent four hours telling the Kirby guy she didn't want to buy a vacuum cleaner, when she had a hundred better things to do on a Saturday afternoon."

Silence. Just for a moment.

"Wow. Four hours." she replied, her voice no longer sunny. "It shouldn't take that long." Here, she collects herself and presses on, "It should only take an hour and a half to clean the carpet and 40 minutes to dry." (Of course, such a long visit would never happen to you!) "Do you have a carpet we can clean?"


"Okay." A storm cloud covered the sun. "Well, thank you." It began to rain.


Guess she was only a fair-weather friend...


  1. OHHHHH!!! My dad says the same thing. He's 76 and I fondly remember him saying "Half past kissing time, time to kiss again-you ready for a kiss"

    Thanks for that memory.

  2. Btw, funny story :). I didn't comment on your content before.

    My father is ill right now although doing TONS better, for more info you will have to read the Wild Bill post in our blog archive. I have to update it with the most recent info from my brother's visit, I think I'll be doing that this week.

    I bet you they did get it from a song, that sounds about right but I will have my sister ask him when she visits him this month. Also he is a TOTAL charecter! He has always been the life of a party and a wonderful story teller. He was born in the hills of KY and moved to Michigan when he was 12 but is still a hillbilly at heart.
    thanks for stopping by and I'll let you know what I find out.

  3. Got to love the telemarketers and their shiny personalities!! I like to make it rain sometimes too.

  4. Sherrie-Good to hear from you again. Loved your comment.

    Sassy-I will definitely check out that post! Your dad sounds like a treasure.

  5. You are fantastic.
    And you have to give kudos to her for even trying for a comeback.


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