Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday's Mysteries

This is what I discovered in the snow yesterday morning IN THE PARKING LOT OF MY SCHOOL! This, and a few more that hadn't been scooped up by the Buildings and Grounds crew's snow thingy. Now, that's mysterious!

The second mystery on Monday was FANTASTIC! It had snowed ALL AFTERNOON, and when I ran outside to warm up my car before leaving, I found that someone had scraped ALL of the snow off of my car windows for me!! Is that sweet, or what?

I hope it wasn't the naked guy...


  1. Thats a bare foot, right? Weird.

    Thanks for the comment. My dad is doing so much better. Look at yesterdays post to get the detail on how much better he is doing.
    thanks for commenting :)

  2. AW! That's the sweetest!

    And the footprint is very strange...

  3. Brrr! And is it just the angle of the photo or is it a HUGE footprint, besides being bare, in the middle of the snow? Hmm. The mystery deepens? ;)

  4. Yup, a was a BIG, bare foot, and as I said, there were a number of them! Very mysterious!!

  5. Definitely BIG FOOT hanging out at the school!!!


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