Thursday, February 7, 2008

We’ve started a very cool unit in Language Arts. It involves designing a video game that takes place during the Revolutionary War times. We started by brainstorming ideas of things we would want/need to include in such a game in order to make it interesting, educational, and historically accurate. (I hope to eventually have information covering culture, setting, clothing, food, etc.) I asked each student to independently write everything that came to mind regarding life during the time of the 1700's and the Revolutionary War. Each student wrote ideas on notecards. Here’s what they came up with, the complete list (see if you notice a pattern):

Wads (of cloth to stuff ammo into guns)
They shot from close range
Made their own clothes
Went barefoot a lot
If they ran out of bullets, they used rocks and glass
Black powder
Steel shot
they had bad aim
Lead bullets
Feather pens

I can see I'm going to need to help them expand their views....Can you guess the gender of this historians???

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