Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Fragments

Lots on my mind tonight...bits and pieces...

*Because we didn't have a big enough gouge in the finances with my car "incident," Mr.4444's truck transmission died today, and he had to have it towed. It's a 2004 with 104,000 miles on it. Guess when the warranty ran out? You get the prize if you guessed 100,000 miles. Can that really be a coincidence? Has anyone else's car ever died right BEFORE the warranty ran out?


*Went to hear the duet of Kendall and Liz after school; they got a "1," which is the best score they could possibly get. They are thrilled, of course, and are off to Liz's house for a sleepover. Are you aware that there is new sleepover thing that middle schoolers like to do? No, I'm not talking about writing on someone's face with permanent marker before they wake up in the morning (that is just plain MEAN! isn't it??) I'm talking about roasting Starbursts. Yup. Kendall and her friends gather around their own individual tea light candles and roast Starbursts on toothpicks. I don't know if this has spread beyond their circle of friends, but I do know that no sleepover is complete without this ritual, so now you are in the know.

*A Novel Woman has uncovered something new to test your awareness skills; you should check it out. (I failed, but I was impressed.)


*Michelle made a very thought-provoking comment today when she said, I never understood it anyway... who decided the F word was "BAD". Why can we say "screw, copulate, intercourse, sex, hump, procreate, plow, and bang, but you CAN'T SAY F&#&"? I never understood the concept of swear words. Just like my butt - there are a dozen words for my dupa, but I can't call it an A** ? Who decided this stuff? Very good question.

*Spring Break!!!

*That Pioneer Woman; she's going to make me fat! I don't like to read blogs that are so crowded that I feel invisible, so when I see a post that has like 1237 comments, I just don't bother, but I keep going back. She's great, isn't she? Anyway, last night I made her apple dumplings, but don't click on the link if you are on a diet, because they are a heart attack in the making for sure.*I just want to say thanks for checking in. I have to admit it; I am hooked on this blogging thing; I have loved "meeting" all of you, reading what you so freely pour from your hearts, and reading your sweet, funny, inspiring perspectives. You rock!

*Spring Break!!!!!!!


  1. Wow that's a lot of stuff today! :-)

    I'm glad you weren't hurt in your accident. I probably would've not cursed but my kids would have, which is just wrong. I'm raising the Osbournes here and it's not my fault.

  2. I know; thanks for wading through it. It's the SPRING BREAK in me! (I'll try to tone it down next week.)

  3. Okay...Sari's comment was a confirmation of what I already knew I should fix, so I just did it. This post is now shorter, believe it or not! :) Thank you, Sari :)

  4. Yeah Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Roasting Starbursts.....hmmmm......or bra in the freezer? Gotta toothpick? LOL

  6. is it spring break for you? i mean, you were being entirely too subtle for me to be certain.

    oh, btw, don't let your kids have "slumber parties" because there's no sleeping in them. since the first (and last) slumber party boy had a few years ago, he's only had sleep-overs. the word sleep must always be involved now.

    i've never heard of roasting starbursts. it sounds painful.

  7. Those dumplings look wonderful! Sorry about the transmission. That is sad :(

    Woo hoo...the word verification is icjane. I would have put on a robe if I knew!

  8. I agree it IS a conspiracy! If it's not the warrantee that causes major repair issues, it has to be the pay-off. My mini van started making all sorts of odd noises the month I sent the final payment!

    Spring break started yesterday here. All morning at parent/teacher conferences.

    I must remember to ask my teen daughter if she has ever roasted Starburst...who thinks up this crap??? What happened to the good old days of TP'ing the neighborhood cute guy's house???


  9. Mrs4444:

    Spring break begins this Friday for us. I actually like it when the boys are home because they give me the excuse to go to the mall, movies, bookstore, etc.

    I have to thank you for introducing The Pioneer Woman to me. Until your blog, I never had heard of her. She is awesome! People with talent like that blow me away.

    Blogging is new to me, too. I've been busy lately so I haven't been blogging often enough. Actually, that's a lie. I check my Favorite Author's blog every day because I'm a reader, voracious reader, and to have an opportunity to dialogue with my idol is a dream come true. By the time I get to my own blog, I'm blogged out. I probably should've given MFA (My Favorite Author) up for Lent, then I'd be blogging more.

    Oh, one other reason I haven't been blogging. My 14 year old son has gotten me hooked on the Sims2. My Sims like to WooHoo -- a lot. I don't even get that much WooHoo.


  10. according to your FF page this is the post that started it all - is that right?
    When did you know it would be a regular weekly thing?
    About the post - didn't know about roasting starburst candies. Don't they just burn?
    And I agree with Michelle about the swear words. I would add the swear word set in the UK is a different set. why?


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