Thursday, March 13, 2008

WARNING: Another Rated PG-13 Post

This post does not have a thing to do with students, unless you count the fact that I was driving to school this morning when I lost control on a snow-covered country road and spun into a snowbank, causing this:
and this:

I'm proud to say that I uttered not a single curse word as we careened, fishtail-fashion, across the road, and still nothing but "Are you okay?" after landing in the snowbank. Neither Kyle nor I were hurt, Thank God. The PG-13 language will come from your own imagination when you guess what my language was when the auto body guy gave me the estimate. $1500.00 (sight unseen). [Insert curse words here]

Is the F-word rated PG-13???

This is so embarassing, especially on the tail end of my recent post about a different March accident of mine. I don't want you to think that I drive like a maniac; this is only my second accident in 25+ years of driving! Okay, I admit that I'm not counting taking the mailbox out two winters ago, but that was in Mr.4444's Suburban, which I almost never drive and was backing up at the time. (No! I refuse to count it!!) And before you beat me to it, Michelle, I will remind you that I am not the one who once had a license plate that read, "MVNBYU."

So, in spite of the many charming posts I read today which spoke of daffodils "peeking out" and spring "in the air," there are still winter hazards in these parts, and they are &^($*ing annoying!


  1. Oh HPKT, I am terribly sorry you had this accident and even more sorry that it is going to cost so much. All I can say is look on the bright side and think of what might have been that wasn't. You came out safe and sound and so did Kyle. Keep that in mind. And yes, Fries is a PG-13 word. I'd say it is even G-rated. I say it all the time when feeling horribly upset. Just uttering that word calms me down.

  2. Gypsy, thank you for your sweet, sweet comment. I'm still smiling from it. At first, I wondered what a HPKT was; one of those weird mnemonic thingies like Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), for example. I laughed out loud when I figured it out. And your comment about the F-word is priceless.

  3. So glad you were both uninjured!

    A roll of duct tape is oh sooo much cheaper than the auto body guy :)

    As for the "F" word, I try and use FART (sometimes I even let a FART-KNOCKER fly if the situation calls for more than a mere FART)'s still tacky, yet not near as R rated as other frequently used "F" words.


  4. My usual F-word is "Fudge." I know, kinda close to the other one, but oh, so satisfying.

  5. Well....were you wearing panties this time? j.k Glad your both okay!!

  6. i usually use the word that begins with 'f' and ends in 'uck'


    i'm glad that neither of you were hurt. the car is just a thing that will need an inconvenient and costly repair... a person is irreplaceable.

  7. If ever a situation warranted colourful language, this would be it.

    My husband has adopted a word from Pioneer Woman, and has taken to calling people "Juice Bags" when he's annoyed. That's my new favourite.

    And I fixed the link at my blog. Come back and take the awareness test and see how you do. I want to know if I'm the only doofus on the planet.

  8. Glad to know you two weren't hurt and sorry about your car.

    Let's cut to the chase, though -- the F-word is my FAVORITE word. I still have my sensibilities about me when using it: never around the kids, never out loud in public. But, it is used as commas, exclamation points, periods, has 4 syllables (as does my other fav, shit), can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, you name it, I take ownership.


  9. I never understood it anyway... who decided the F word was "BAD". Why can we say "screw, copulate, intercourse, sex, hump, procreate, plow, and bang, but you CAN'T SAY F&#&"? I never understood the concept of swear words. Just like my butt - there are a dozen words for my dupa, but I can't call it an A** ? Who decided this stuff?
    For something funny, try this R-Rated youtube video where a guy is teaching his nieve Japanese Grandmother swear words. It's histerical but R-rated - watchout. Michelle (Mrs.4444's sister)

  10. Glad you are ok!

    Sorry about the accident.

  11. ohhh bummer!~
    I hate to say this but I like to swear more than I care to admit.
    You're good.

    Glad you're ok.

  12. Isn't it ridiculous that cars are made of plastic now. My car has a similar look from hitting a deer (that thing came out of nowhere). My car is older and also has hail damage, so I didn't bother to get it fixed. It's ridiculous what they charge!


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