Sunday, March 9, 2008

Walmart Wow's

I'm not ashamed to say that I shop at Walmart. There is one basic reason:Where else can you find Propel for $1 per QUART?! When I don't need to stock up on Propel, I shop at Target or Festival Foods, but today was stock-up day, so....
Today, while shopping at Walmart, I was inspired to say, "Wow" more than a few times. Here are some examples: (forgive the grainy cellphone pics; it's my first time!)
#1 The number of eggs I bought. Wow! If you're really sharp, you'll figure out what I am expected to bring for lunch on Easter Sunday (it's a big family). I'll give you one more hint; I also bought Miracle Whip.

#2 How cool is this "new" retro Schwinn bike with the snap-on thingy on the back, big seat, and comfy handle bars?? Wow.
#3 Just what I always wanted! A St. Patrick's Day mullet wig! And only $4.97! Wow.
#4 Surprisingly, Maui Mint is a yummy new Orbit flavor, now my favorite. Wow.
#5 Can you believe how much yogurt we eat? Wow! (This is actually a small amount for us; we had more at the house, so I just picked up a few extras.)
#6 Wow. Check out how full my cart was. Can you tell it's been a while?
#7 Last, but not least, the guy who inspired all of this. I had to follow him around for a minute or two to get the right shot. I said to myself, "Wow. I feel sorry for that guy's kids."
Grrr. My phone sucks as a camera; sorry. However, he's still worth seeing here; this guy is wearing a polyester jacket that cleverly reads, "BEER DELIVERY GUY." Because that wasn't cool enough, he added jean shorts and (to complete the look) short black boots. Michelle said I should probably blur out the guys face in the photo, but with this outfit, wouldn't you recognize him anyway if he belonged to you? (And yes, having posted this, I realize I can never be offended when someone criticizes my outfit.)
Wow. Walmart was very entertaining today....

And then I got my bill:


  1. Holy crap, that looks like my bill when I go to Wal-Mart, which is why I avoid the place like the plague!

    Deviled Eggs...YUMMY! FYI- Instead of vinegar, I use pickle juice.

    Orbit...Favorite flavor is Bubblemint, good stuff.

    Green mullet wig...I think you should put green food coloring in the deviled eggs, then don the mullet wig, better yet, buy one for your whole immediate family, and show up Easter Sunday!

    What a hoot!!!


  2. how come things seem so cheap until you add them all up?!

    we love yogurt too!

    i don't even know what Propel is but it sure seems cheap. :)

  3. Oh my, I just hate it when I get a register receipt that looks like that. Well, then I cart home all the goodies and enjoy them!

  4. My pictures taken in wal-mart are blurry too, but then again it's because I am running the whole time! I can NOT get out of there fast enough!

  5. I love Walmart.
    I was there today too!
    When I was shopping for Easter grass and such I heard a Mom tell her teeanager to "shut-up".
    I thought, how nice...
    Gotta love it.

  6. I have to I read your post, a commercial for Walmart came on the TV. Talk about full coverage advertising!

    I like your stories! I'll be back soon - thanks for visiting me last week.


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