Monday, March 10, 2008

You're in for a treat!

Mr.4444 and I spent all day Saturday helping build the set for this year's middle school musical. Don't pat us on the back yet; it's the first time we've volunteered in 4 years' worth of musicals in which our kids took part, so we were actually overdue. I think we made up for it, though, as I was pretty sore today...

Here's a pic of Mark doing manly stuff. (Check out the 70's decor in the background of the auditorium seats!)
And here's a photo of what I worked on ALL DAY; drawing these letters, cutting them out with a jigsaw (yup! my first power tool other than a drill) and PAINTING them. Doesn't look like much, but wait til you see them (painted yellow) up on the stage!

And speaking of stages, this is the perfect spot in the post for a plug for our 7th grader, Kendall, who landed a lead part! She is Jo-Jo in The Seussical! We are so flipping proud, we can't stand it.
And now, get ready....I asked Kendall to let me record her singing two of her songs; one from the musical, and one for Solo-Ensemble, which is next weekend.

Okay, sorry about that "Get Ready" part. After an hour now, I'm tired of trying to figure our how to put an audio file here. If you know how, let me know....

Everyone will have to wait in anticipation until I figure it out. (I promise it will be worth the wait!)


  1. Well CONGRATS Kendall!!!!! That's awesome, but sorry I don't know how to put audio files on here. But I hope some of your interpeeps do....*anxiously awaits*

  2. It looks as though you and Mr.4444 have been very busy!! Can't wait to hear Kendall's voice. The stage is starting to look great. Make sure you post the end results.
    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Oh I hope you figure out how to add the audio. I want to hear it. THEN you can record the whole play and put it on here for us!!

    (no pressure)

    Good luck Kendall!!

  4. ooh, love the letters!! congrats to your daughter. :-)

  5. Congratulationsu to you and Kendall. Lauren and I will see you at Solo Ensemble. Hopefully we will get to hear Kendall then.

  6. You so need a huge pat on the back and I can't wait to see the outcome. WOW!!!


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