Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Power of the Baby Blues

Kendall does not wear makeup yet, even though many kids in her grade (and younger) do. She's not interested in wearing it yet either, or in learning how to apply it (as evidenced by her asking me to do her makeup for each musical performance.) On Thursday, she needed to go to school with her stage makeup on, because they were doing a morning performance for the 5th graders. She looked like this:Later, she told us that she got many comments from kids about how "different" she looked. One girl said, "No offense, but you look prettier in make-up." She said that one boy in particular "could not stop staring" at her, and she found that quite entertaining. "That," I told her "is just a glimpse of the power you will have over a man someday, Kendall, just batting your baby blues."

My husband interjected, "SHH!! Don't tell her that!"

"Well, it's true, Daddy!" she replied.

"I know," he lamented. "And I don't want to even think about it!"

(For more on this subject, see Classy's post today.)

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