Sunday, May 4, 2008

Seussical Recap

Okay, I'm not going to go on and on about the musical. I'm just going to post a few photos here and tell you that due to Copyright laws, we were not allowed to videotape the production. (Grrr. )

Okay, so yes, I did break the law and videotape a little bit anyway (Come and get me!). With all due respect to the writers of the Seussical, I really don't see the harm in a mother recording a memory for her child. I will draw the line at thumbing my nose at them by posting it on the Internet (much as I'd love to.) Thanks to those of you who expressed interest in the video!
Believe me when I say this production was fantastic. The energy, talent, and all-around entertainment at $5 per ticket was far more than a bargain.
Remember those letters that took me 8 hours to produce? Here's the end result (15 minutes on the stage! :)
Check out the gorgeous costumes! This young lady has the voice of an angel. She was an amazing "Gertrude McFuzz."
This young man repeatedly stole the show with his extremely funny lines and physical comedy.
Now remember, this was a middle school production. That said, I'm positive it would rank right up there with a high school musical. Our Music Director works magic with kids. They adore her, as evidenced here (at the end).

I feel blessed to have my kids in a school district that has adequate funding, high parent involvement, and strong community support for extracurriculars like the musical. I know 150 kids whose lives have been enriched as a result.

P.S. Kendall gets to keep her costumes, including the hat! (Here's where you can find one.)

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