Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crunch Time

It's the time of year that some kids start caring about their grades. (You know; because three days left of school is plenty of time to pull F's to C's right?) Never mind that John had all trimester to copy the "Daily Goals and Questions" in Agriculture class each day, when everyone around him was doing it and he was choosing to ignore the teacher's directives.

This morning, John sat at the computer, questions in front of him, waiting to be answered. He began quietly grumbling to himself. Gradually, his volume increased, and John snapped at me, hysteria in his voice, "How am I supposed to know these answers?! This was from a long time ago!"

Calmly and sincerely, I asked, "Would you like me to hold up a mirror so that you can complain to the right person?"

I heard not a word for the rest of the hour.

Three and a half days left...

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