Thursday, June 5, 2008

Because Everyone Needs a Grandma

Isn't this the cutest little bee you've ever seen (other than your own child in a Halloween costume)? If this bee doesn't make you smile, you should check your pulse.

Several years ago, when Kendall was a tiny little girl in a bee ballet mom crocheted this one for her as a momento of her dance recital. (You can't tell from the the photo, but the wings have sparkly gold threads running through the yarn.) The bee sits on the window seat in Kendall's bedroom. In April, when she had her birthday party, her friend, Maria asked her about it.

"Oh, my gosh! This bee is adorable!! Where did you get it?!"

"My grandma made it for me when I was little."

"I wish I had a grandma to make me something like that," said Maria, wistfully. "Do you think your grandma might make me something some time?" Kendall told her she'd ask.
Later that night, I told Mom the story, and she was tickled. Kendall asked her if she might be willing to make a critter for Maria (she is a fan of elephants). It shouldn't surprise you to know that Mom said, "Of course I will!"
It took me a while to find a cute pattern for her, but five days after I gave it to Mom, the little elephant was born. Mom called to ask me what Maria's name was. She wrote a little card for her, which read, "I hope you like your little elephant. Love, Grandma Elsie." Here is Maria's reaction (this afternoon).I wish I could tell you that I have inherited Mom's needlecrafting talents, but I haven't yet. So, in the meantime, she marks special occasions (for each of her children and 25+ grandchildren) with special mementos like these. We love her for it (and now Maria does, too.)

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