Monday, June 16, 2008

How to Lose Your Man-Card

A couple of weeks ago, neighbor Mitch called our house to see if Mr.4444 (Mark) wanted to go with him to help a fellow neighbor, Bob, who was stranded on the side of the highway with his wife, son, Tahoe, and pop-up camper. Bob had taken his family on a Memorial Day camping trip and was on his way home. Maddeningly, the S.U.V. had just "conked out" just two exits from home.

Mark and Mitch headed off to help Bob and his family. They soon arrived and helped push the vehicle and trailer further off the road. (With the busy holiday weekend, traffic was intense, which added to the stressful moment.) Bob lifted the hood, and the debate over the problem began.

"It's the alternator," he stated emphatically. "I've had this problem before."

"It has to be a spark plug; nothing's connecting," offered Mark.

"Trust me," Bob insisted, thinking of the auto repair bill. "It's the alternator. I knew it was going to happen again sooner or later."

Mitch walked over to the driver's window and looked in, noting the gas gauge. "Got any gas?" he asked, noticing the buried needle.

[Bob's response cannot be printed on this Rated-PG blog.]

Mark and Mitch have taken Bob's Man-Card. The following will be presented to Bob later today:

Other ways to lose your Man-Card (according to Mr.4444):

*Knowing how to spell potpourri

*Knowing that salmon is a color

*Driving a mini-van

(Feel free to offer your own)

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