Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it Christmas?!?


[Break here for running around, screaming at the top of my lungs!]

Okay, I may be ready now. I have such exciting news!! First of all, I have been feeling for some time now that Kendall and I should take a trip together this summer. I should note that no one in this family has been on a vacation anywhere outside of Wisconsin in 10 years! Before the gas prices skyrocketed, I had visions of getting in the car and heading west, throught the Badlands, etc. siteseeing and just hanging out together 24-7, while we still love each other and enjoy each other's company (I've heard the teen years can turn ugly after 13!) Because of gas prices, we decided to fly, instead, and chose California, via Las Vegas. (I figured with Kendall's interest in the musical, seeing a show in Vegas would be fun. Plus, we have a friend who lives there.)

Then, Mr. 4444 lost his job (3 weeks ago), and so I sadly scrunched up the plans and stuffed them in the recycling. (That's one sorely-missed paycheck in household budget terms) We were freaking out about money, before he found a new job (praise God!) Today, Mr.4444 told me that with his new job and some "found" money, we will be able to afford that trip after all!

Then comes the new freaking out part (and you will ask, "Woman, What are you doing on the computer?! Get busy!") There were only two possible times we could fit a week's vacation in without interfering without camps, babysitting commitments, etc. One in August (way too far away) and one starting THURSDAY. Good God in Heaven, we are leaving Thursday!

Mr.4444 booked us flights out of Milwaukee to LasVegas (round trip) for $370 each!! (I am not kidding!) Our plan is to arrive in Vegas, chill a bit, and then go out to dinner and a show! Then, in the morning, we head for California! My dear, dear friend, Kandee, lives in Oceanside and has graciously offered her home to us for a visit.

So, now I need your help for the rest of the itinerary; we have Sunday through Thursday wide open. I say that, because I don't want to overstay our welcome at Kandee's (she might have a life). She has offered to take us to Kendall's #1 request for the vacation, and that is the beach! What else do you recommend? I would like to do some hiking. My niece lives in Berkeley and said she'd be happy to meet us in between there and Oceanside for an adventure. Any ideas?

Okay, off to take care of business! I have very little time to plan, as I am going to an Autism conference on Tuesday and Wednesday (day trips). I must be CRAZY to be trying to cram all this in! (Good thing I was a post-writing fool last weekend and have things ready here on the blogfront for your reading enjoyment :) I'll also check in here and there when I can... Okay, so let the suggestions fly!

P.S. HOW COULD I FORGET?! I also got an blogging AWARD today from dear, sweet Stephanie at Live, Love, Laugh!! (Will the gifts ever cease?!)What a terrific surprise! It's going to take some time to learn how to translate (what is that language, anyway??), and I'll need time to give the award it's proper handling, so Steph, please allow me a week or two to come back to this! OK? But THANK YOU!!

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