Sunday, June 29, 2008

Notes from the Road, Part 5 (The Sweet)

[Disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for your leaving this post and inhaling a box of Oreos. If you are hungry right now, please stop right now, go make a big salad or some yummy carrot sticks, and come back when you are full.]

First off, I want to tell you all how much I've loved that did not forget about me because I was on vacation. It meant a lot to me to pop in and read your comments. As you read this, I am at home (sleeping, maybe), but I look forward to catching up with you! My reader has more than 400 posts, so I hope you will understand if I clear it and start over! I look forward to touching base with you and saying hi. Thanks for being so sweet!
On to the sweets! We had a ball in La Jolla; that's pronounced LaHoya, unless you are a redneck. (And speaking of rednecks, Kendall still has one. But I digress...)

A highlight of our trip to La Jolla was a stop at Powell's Sweet Shoppe, an old-fashioned candy store in which I spent $44! Yes, Kendall and I both have sweet tooths (or is it sweet teeth?) Shopping at Powell's is a walk down memory lane. If you loved it as a kid, it was there: Moon Pies, candy necklaces, wax soda pop bottles, Razzles, etc. They also had Wacky Packs (product parody cards I used to love), enormous jaw breakers, and $15.99 per pound enormous turtles (I bought one for Mark's mom). They even had Rainblow gum, which took me right back to Memory Lane.
Aside from the candy, Powell's had some novelty candies and toys. For example, they have some fantastic mints for all purposes. For example, for those times when the guy at the bar won't take no for an answer...I've heard for many years that "Jesus heals," but I didn't know it was simply a matter of paying $3.95 for these:(sorry about the blur on that one)

This store has (you guessed it) a bajillion Pez dispensers, in every character I could think of (from every movie currently playing, but also, for the princesses in your life:

Come September, I'll be growing one of these to offer to my students (I may need to buy these in bulk.)
For you meat lovers out there, there's this:

Watching your weight? Here's something that can give you the same type of joy found in a lollipop (maybe even more, if you went to a Catholic school):

Because we hadn't yet succumbed to diabetic comas, we decided to stop here:

Check out the size of these babies! I set my phone there for scale; these strawberries were each a single serving of fruit, food pyramid-wise.Somewhere, in amongst the caramel, white chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallows, Rice Crispies, chocolate chips, and dark chocolate drizzle exists Granny Smith apples.
Are these adorable, or what?!
And, oh yeah; I almost forgot! La Jolla also has a beach! With tide pools! And seals! (I'll share those pics another time...)

Now don't worry; I didn't forget about my friends; I thought of you often. For those of you who have envied Kendall and me this week, we found a wonderful solution for you!

Don't forget to send a postcard! And check out Kandee's post for what she found amusing!

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