Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer's Harvest Breakfast

Welcome, SITS folks! (Pull up a chair; there's room for everyone! :) Looks yummy, doesn't it? Read on if you love fresh fruit and a healthy breakfast... (and sorry to you anal folks out there who are really bothered by that spoon not being straight. Just keep reading, and you'll forget about it.)

One of the things I love about summer (and no school) is that I have time to make breakfast for the kids (if I feel like it, haha). When I made this favorite for Kyle and me recently, I decided to share it with you. In classic Pioneer-Woman style, I took a photo of the ingredients. (That's where she and I part, though; this recipe is so simple, there is no need to lead you by the hand through every single step.)
The beauty of this "recipe" is that you can use whatever fruit you have available, and since summer has so many fruits to offer (think blueberries, mangos, necterines, grapes, etc.) the sky's the limit! For this batch, I used about 1 cup each of the oatmeal and the yogurt. This yogurt is vanilla, but I've used strawberry before, and it was great, too. If you can't tell, those are sliced almonds (Kyle and I like their nice crunch, but I keep them out for Kendall.)

Start by washing the fruit. I am grossed out by the thought of eating fruit that's been grabbed by Lord knows how many dirty hands. And at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I'm going to add that I LOVE this product for washing fruit:

It's 100% natural, smells like citrus and gets the waxy coating off of fruits and vegetables beautifully. The store I first found it at doesn't sell it anymore, so I buy it on line. For $20, I bought a 32-oz bottle of concentrated product that makes EIGHT bottles like this (16oz) one, so I'm sure it will last me a at least a few years.

Next, cut the fruit into small (cube-sized) pieces. I have to share my all-time favorite Pampered Chef product, too, because I love it for taking strawberry tops off and digging the top out of tomatoes. (It's also a gem for scooping out bad spots of any fruit or vegetable.) I call it a "doohickey," and I own two, because one is always dirty.
Put the fruit in a medium-large bowl and top with the oatmeal, yogurt, and almonds. Then, just stir it up and eat it! This batch made two large bowls full for Kyle and me.

For more delicious recipes every day, check out the Saucy Eats sister page for SITS! And if you live in a cold climate (or your husband just sets the air conditioner way too high), check out this mouthwatering, hot sidedish we make at Christmas time (but also any time we feel like it!) Now, I'm off to SITS to decide what to make for supper!

P.S. For my also delicious Spiced Salmon with Lime-Orange Salsa recipe, click here. I got it from my friendly neighborhood butcher, who got it from Morey's Seafood International restaurant. It is to die for!

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