Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If laughter is the best medicine, then we just got our booster shots...

Remember our dear friend, Bill, who graciously welcomed Kendall and me to his home in Las Vegas? Well, on Sunday, we were able to reciprocate. Bill came to Green Bay (his home town) for a visit and came out to our house for supper.

Now, I told you a little bit about Bill's sense of humor, but I didn't tell you how funny he is. He has no Internet, but he's had years of experience as a salesman to collect great jokes and funny lines. Here's a photo from dinner, during which he kept us in stitches, delivering one-liners, one after the other. Here's a photo of Mr.4444 and Kyle, listening to Bill tell yet another joke.Bill shared a true story about how he recently met a young man at an airport, and they were making small-talk. The man asked Bill where he lived. When Bill told him, he excitedly exclaimed, "I'm meeting my parents in Vegas!"

"How old are you? Bill asked.

"Twenty-six," the young man replied.

"And you've never met your parents before??" (Ba-dap-bump!)

After dinner, when I suggested, "Let's go outside to take a photo, before it gets too dark." Bill asked, "Why? Don't you already know what it looks like out there?" Kendall has found a special place in Bill's heart, so we took this one, too.As they were leaving, Bill's friend (who also came to dinner) mentioned to us that a bird had dive-bombed Bill when they approached the house. She asked what type of bird that was that had its nest near our front door. Bill quipped, "That was a bird? I just thought the mosquitoes around here were big!" The man doesn't miss a beat!

I'll wrap this up with Bill's final joke of the night. It seems that a little boy came upon a pirate at the seashore. The pirate had a real peg-leg, a hook for a hand, and a black patch over one eye. Curious, the boy asked how the pirate had lost his leg. [Read pirate lines in a pirate accent for full effect!]

"Arrgggh. I was washed overboard one night, and a shark bit it right off! The ship's carpenter was able to make me a new leg."

"What happened to your hand?" the boy pressed.

"I was shimmying up the mainsail when a gust of wind rushed in and I got me hand wrapped up in the ropes. When I fell, my hand ripped clean off! The ship's carpenter was able to make me a hook for a hand."

"And your eye?" the boy pried.

"I was up on deck when a seagull pooped in me eye!"

"That's dumb," said the boy, skeptically. "There's no way you could lose your eye from a bird pooping in it."

The pirate shrugged, "It was my first day with my new hook."

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