Sunday, June 1, 2008

Victoria Secret Meets Mrs.4444

OhMommy, over at Classy Chaos offered up a "Swimsuit Edition" post recently, showing this gorgeous Calvin Klein suit (currently on sale at Victoria Secret). I haven't bought a suit in years, but I was happy to see her recommendation, because I did need to buy one.
About the suit (she's had it for 4 years), OhMommy says, "I have it in both black and charcoal. It really is one of the best one pieces out there and I have received many compliments wearing it. If you are looking for a one piece... look no further. This suit cries, "I am classy and hot!" It is perfection and on sale at Victoria Secret for $70."

So, I bought the suit. However, I'm not sure it looks as good on me. I'm just not seeing "classy and hot!" What do you think?

(This photo brought to you courtesy of my very creative, talented, and beautiful sister, Michelle.)

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