Monday, June 2, 2008

What Some Little Old Ladies Have on Their I-Pods

"Without music, life is a journey through a desert." Pat Conroy

Singing is like breathing for my Mom. I'm certain that a day does not go by that she does not sing at least one song (to herself or anyone who cares to listen). She has a beautiful alto voice that has given us years of entertainment (a complete post on its own) and comfort over the years. So, it did not surprise me when, shortly after Dad died (in 2005, after 57 years of marriage), Mom asked if I would "make a tape" for her. Intrigued (I had little idea what music she liked to listen to), I grabbed paper and pencil and copied her list of songs for the CD. (I was just kidding about the title of this post; Mom does not have an I-Pod :)

Mom and I do not typically have intimate conversations, and this playlist gave me a glimpse into her emotions at the time. It's sprinkled with expected hits (the upbeat ones) but also deep, meaningful songs that reflect her patriotism and the fact that she missed my dad. My favorite? "Look at Us," which made me tear up to imagine Mom listening to it. See if you don't have the same reaction, considering this song, in which a husband sings to his wife.

(See Playlist on my Sidebar; I couldn't figure out how to post it here, and even though it's crammed over there, I think it works!)

Music is one thing that Mom finds fills her heart and lifts her soul. When it comes to missing Dad these days, she says it's not so bad, because, "There's a little bit of your Dad in each one of you kids, so I feel like he is still here with me." Is that sweet, or what?

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