Thursday, June 19, 2008


If you know anything about boys, you know that there comes a time when they start growing muscles and want to try them out on someone. Of course, if they have a siblings, they are the first victims. Dad might be an option, but if your kid has half a brain, he soon figures out that it will be a very long time before he can kick his dad's butt in a wrestling match.

After a while, after the siblings have been conquered and beating his dad is an impossible dream, the boy turns his eyes on his mother as an ideal victim; she's bigger than he is, but he might be able to take her. My 16-year-old son, Kyle, hit this stage a couple of years ago. My strategy has usually been to just not fight it; I let him pin me on a regular basis. I know that the sooner he "beats" me, the sooner I can get back to folding laundry, reading my book, or watching The Bachelor. Oh, once in a great while, I'll give him some resistance, because I love the kid and know he loves the challenge, but frankly, I have four older brothers, and my days of having "fun" wrestling boys are gone.

Recently, on the night before the last day of school, Kyle was "amped." He (like me) was thrilled about school ending, and he had lots of pent up energy. When the "Come on, Mom! Wrestle me!" started, I tried to lay low. I managed to get him to just settle for some minor pushing and pulling off the couch. In this video, he has dumped me off the couch and is trying to throw me back onto it. (I weight 140lbs, by the way, which is about the same is Kyle, only scrunched down 7 inches.) I'll warn you that the video quality is poor, but the audio is great! (sorry, I didn't know how to edit the last 10 seconds off; the action ends at 27 seconds or so.)

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