Friday, June 20, 2008

Notes from the Road

Just a note to say hi and tell you that Kendall and I hit the ground running! We arrived in Las Vegas Thursday morning, took a nap, went out to eat, and enjoyed some night life, including the Stratosphere (No, as a matter of fact, I HATE thrill rides, but hey-- it's her vacation, too!) Yes, we actually did this; spinning around, 900 feet up in the night sky of Las Vegas. We saw our share of bright lights, busy streets, men dressed like women, panhandlers, and stinky casinos. I gambled a whole dollar's worth of quarters. We decided that that end of the Las Vegas strip, along with Fremont Street, provided enough entertainment for one night and went home at 11pm. We stayed with our dear friend, Bill, who is a real character. (Picture 1960's playboy, 20 years later, still with plenty of mojo, and sweet as pie.) We look forward to going back and checking out the beautiful Bellagio and Venetian hotels (on our last night, when we fly out of Vegas) as urged by Mr.4444 (whom we miss already! Kyle, too, of course.)

Today, we drove for about 6 hours through beautiful desert ( no, that is not an oxymoron) to arrive at my friend Kandee's house. Along the way, we bought beef jerky from aliens and saw the "biggest thermometer in the world." Since we arrived sooner than Kandee expected, we interrupted an outing to the local pool, so that's where Kandee ran off to. Don't worry, I won't spend my entire vacation on the computer! Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know that we arrived safely.

I'll end with one of Bill's gems:

"Can you believe I never needed glasses until I was 55 years old?

("Before that, I just drank straight from the bottle.")

Gotta love that guy...

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