Friday, July 25, 2008

The 5 People I Hope to Meet in Heaven

Being at the funeral today got me to thinking....When I get to Heaven (hopefully), who will I see there? Who would I like to see? Who will greet me, and who will I have to seek out? If I (God forbid) died today and went to heaven....

I'd definitely like to see Mark's dad, Bob. He should be having a ball up there! I'm sure he's on the Welcoming Committee; Jack Daniels and an extra glass in hand, along with at least a few dogs at his side.

When Grandma Florence (Bob's mom) died, it literally killed him (six weeks later) so I know the two of them are having a ball up there, playing cribbage and laughing a LOT. I'm sure she no longer has arthritis in her hands and continues to knit like a madwoman (but do they really need sweaters in Heaven??) It would be great to see Grandma Florence again.Grandma Florence and Bob, Summer 2002

I'd love to see my dad in Heaven. He had a strong faith in God, and I know all is forgiven up there, so he most likely now has forgiven himself for his failings on earth and is finally at peace with himself. I would love to see him that way.

Who else? Hmmm...I would pop in on Grandma Grace, just to say hi. And assuming that there are no hurt feelings in heaven, I would definitely find my dad's dad, Granville, to ask some very pointed questions about why my dad had so much baggage to carry and what it was all about; I have a lot of curiosity about that and about my ancestors. (Of course, in Heaven, there would be no inhibitions, so he would forget how inhibited his generation was and would share freely.)

Assuming that Heaven exists, and assuming you believe, who do you hope to meet in Heaven one day?

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