Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family Fun, Reunion-Style

Last night, some of my cousins and I got together to tie up loose ends for the biennial "Draeger Descendant's Reunion," which is scheduled to take place the first weekend in August. I have 34 cousins on my mom's side, and we're all adults with families of our own now, so we rent out an entire YMCA camp for the event. Everyone arrives Friday night and sets up camp. This year, on Saturday morning, everyone will be invited to a "Make Your Own Omelet" breakfast. Also new this year will be morning Tai Chi lesson, just for those interested. The rest will just hang out, catching up with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.

This year's gathering is sure to be a great time, and to get in the mood, I looked through photos from years past...

My cousin-in-law, Tama is always kind enough to bring her henna tatooing talents; there's always a line of people waiting for one of these:
Waiting patiently, Aunt Pat wondered, "Will this be the Harley tatoo I have always wanted??"
Others head to the archery range or swimming in the bay, but there's always the uncles who would rather sit and shoot the breeze....
After lunch (a group effort), everyone looks forward to the Family Olympics!! Last time, we started with the Balloon Pass. Mark's team seemed up for the challenge, though Carli wondered, "Will there be any cute boys at the talent show tonight??" These two proved that kids the same size have an easier time of it.Would Aunt Donna deliver??
And a hot summer day needs a water relay, right?
Yes, of course there's the three-legged race!!There are always plenty of medals to go around...Obviously, the Family Olympics are a blast, but for many, the event we all look forward to is the Saturday night Talent Show. Let me tell you, there is a lot of talent in this family. Mom is always the Master of Ceremonies, and everyone is welcome to get in the line-up. There's singing, dancing, skits, and general hilarity. I'm so excited, as this year, Kendall and I are planning to sing together (a first for us!)

A blogger called Blessed1 writes a Faithful Fridays post in which she writes about things she is thankful for. TerriTerri has followed suit, but she calls hers "Quit Your Bitchin' Friday." I've told you about our reunion; I'm very thankful for my extended family and the love and fun we share. What are you thankful for this summer?

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