Friday, July 11, 2008

Questions and Answers

No, I'm not going to ask you to ask me stuff (although you can if you want to). I've just had it in my mind to share some recent positive experiences (and one negative) with some businesses. And let me assure you that no one has paid me or bribed me or given me any freebies to talk about this stuff. (Get a pen; you might want to write some stuff down.)

First, a Question: Why Doesn't Remington answer my email? I thought I was polite. I've given it a week. But I am not one to mess around with, so now I'm going to let you know why you should avoid buying one of these:It's the Remington "Smooth & Silky."

Don't worry, husbands, I'm not suggesting that your wife let herself grow into a woolly, Brillo-pad mess. I like to shave (in the summer) as much as any other woman, but I just wouldn't recommend this particular product. I bought it a month ago and loved it at first; it did the trick. However, when I stood it on the counter one day, it wobbled over and fell off, breaking part of it; it's top heavy. My fault, I thought; it wouldn't be right to return it. I just stuck some duct tape on it and carried on. But then, it happened again, and I realized that this product isn't ergonomically designed correctly; it doesn't stand up by itself, and should have a base. For $40, don't you think it should stand up and act right?! My sister has a Lady Remington; it has a base and I've heard no complaints from her. I want to know if Remington is going to respond to my email.

Question: Would you like to stop receiving forwarded emails from that friend/family member who keeps blindly flinging that crap to every email address they can find? A fellow Buzzer/Genius wrote a post on the Cre8buzz Anthill. She wrote about how to get those annoying forwards to stop, and she shares a wonderful website that will anonymously, politely, gently-but-firmly get those frequent offenders to stop. It's called StopForwardingUs, and it's free. Check it out!

Here's a Question: Why does everyone use Google for Internet searching when Dogpile searches Google, Yahoo, LiveSearch, and Ask and gives you just as good information? Maybe people just don't know about it? We've used Dogpile for years and love it, so I thought I'd pass that on.

Finally, here's an Answer for anyone looking for a really fun, friendly, active social network for bloggers. I seriously LOVE Cre8buzz; since joining, my readership increased about 20%, but more importantly, I've developed friendships that I hope to have for years to come. Most of my blogroll comes from Cre8buzz folks, as a matter of fact.

At Cre8buzz, you can sign up in a category (I'm in Moms, for example), but you can (and should) cross categories to meet all kinds of funny, entertaining, smart community members. Not a mom? Other categories include Photography, 20-Something, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate, Crafters, Beauty, Fitness, Women, and Pets, to name a handful. Buzzers can also go to the Anthill, "Where the Ants Go to Speak" and post at the community blog, which brings attention to your blog, yes, but also exposes you to bloggers of all types and backgrounds. Check out my Buzz profile, and look at my "Friends" to see Birdie, Jen, Tena, Dad of Divas, and other fun bloggers and find out what "The Buzz" is all about!

So there you have it; more questions than answers, I'm afraid, but hopefully something helpful for everyone. It's going to be too hot today to do anything outside anyway, so check this stuff out! :)

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