Monday, July 14, 2008

A few weeks ago, I fell upon a fascinating online magazaine website,, which just keeps drawing my interest. (They send a weekly update called Trendcandy, via email.) The blog fodder at this site is so incredible, I almost hate to share it, but it's also too good not to share. Take this week, for example; Trendhunter has a list of 45 of the Most Expensive Things in the World.

Looking to buy a home? This one might not be in the budget, but it sure would be fun to go to the Open House! It's the "most expensive home for sale in the United States," the "Godfather" home, and coincidentally was once owned by William Randolph Hearst! If you want to see more of this place, you can't, but you could go back and look at my post about Hearst's other property. I'm sure the decor is similar.

Okay, don't have that kind of $ but want to buy the hubby something special for his birthday? Try the most expensive beer available, Sam Adams Utopia. It's $5 per ounce and is 27-proof. “The first sensations are a viscous mouth feel and a sweet sherry-like flavor with nuances of toffee and maple. There are notes of vanilla and plum and a hint of charred wood..." So there you go; perfect gift for that kind of guy who chews toothpicks!

Something for the little princess? Try the most expensive Barbie Doll in the world. She's half-naked and still costs $85,000.00!

Like to camp out, but hate those dreaded snakes and bears bothering you? Try this amazing treehouse tent, which comes at the bargain price of $50,000! (Please don't show Mr.4444, because this is just the kind of nutty stuff he'd be interested in, and he'd make me sleep in it with him. He's a big fan of winter camping, too, so please DON'T mention this to him!)

For these and other Most Expensive Things in the World, go to this link at

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