Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday Sampler

Lots of stuff to get out of my head today...

First of all, thanks, Sheri, for finding this excellent, funny article on "How Not to Kiss!" It took me back. (If you read it, please go to Sheri's site and leave a comment; she'd love to hear your kissing horror stories. You'll find my offering here: Worst Dates.)

Second, I'm not sure I'm thrilled with Blogger's new Blogroll feature; I'm just not sure it actually works. If your blog is missing from Some of My Enablers, will you please let me know?

However, I am thrilled that I learned how to list my archived posts by Topic! Check it out by clicking on the Archives by Topic button (you will want to make one!) The code is slightly tricky, but doable.

My laptop (32-day old GATEWAY laptop) crashed on Thursday. The diagnosis from the Geek Squad is that it had a "bad hard drive." Nice. All of my summer pics and email from the last two days...gone. (I guess it could be a LOT worse, though.) And yes, I did buy disks for the express purpose of backing up my hard drive, as "strongly urged" by the little pop-up message on my computer. The disks were sitting right next to the computer (unopened) when it crashed. Had I taken care of it, I would have saved the $145 I'm going to have to pay today to have stuff put back on the computer. Other than that, it was "under warranty." (Well, I should HOPE so!)

And if you're still with me here, your time is going to be worth it. Click here for 31 Days to Becoming a Better Blogger. This article is an excellent resource for bloggers in any stage of the game, offering really useful tips for improving your readership, as well as your blog. Enjoy!

P.S. There are still two weeks left in the SITS Six Weeks of Summer Giveaways! I'm dying to win a new digital camera, but they have also been giving away three $50 TARGET GIFT CARDS each week. All you have to do is say hi and check out featured bloggers, which is easy and fun! If you go there and tell them I sent you, my name goes in the hat an extra time, HINT HINT!

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