Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fragments, California-Style

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Recommendation...Mr.4444 and I used Inns of Marin to book our room for Friday and Saturday in Inverness. Julie was easy to work with; efficient, professional, and prompt about replying. Julie is a broker of sorts; she runs the "lodging service for many of the best B & B's and cottages in the Point Reyes National Seashore (and elsewhere) in northern California. For $135 per night, we stayed here...
and it was wonderful; quaint, simple, but warm and inviting. We were on Tomales Bay, and we had a great view of the water. The owners (whom we never saw or heard, except for one brief passing) had placed small bunches of flowers in vases in the room and even left movies for us to watch* (no cable). They also left a note inviting us to ask them if we needed anything else. If you MUST have cable TV and a lot of privacy (it's right next to a marina), you wouldn't like this place, but if you think this is nice....the price was right, and you like to work with people who are very laid back, yet professional, I encourage you to call Julie the next time you're looking for a place in the area.

Amazing and cool....I have an ICE number programmed into my cell phone. [ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, and I have it in my phone as ICE I (Mr.4444) and ICE II (our home number).] The idea is that if you are ever incapacitated, anyone could pick up your phone and contact your loved ones. When Mr.4444 and I first arrived in California, we went to lunch, stopping first at a table of folks to ask for a recommendation. We then decided on a cafe about a block away. While we were ordering, Mr.4444 got a phone call on his cell. It was the people we had asked about local restaurants! I had apparently set my phone down on their table and walked away! They noticed it later and dialed the ICE I number and got Mr.4444! Isn't that awesome?!

Funny....During the lunch mentioned above, Mr.4444 and I sat next to a table of five men who were just sitting around talking after their meal. We didn't engage each other at all. However, when Mr.4444 got up to go retrieve my phone, the men at the next table all stopped their conversation and turned to watch Mr.4444 walk away. They never once gave me a second look, but I hadn't noticed it consciously until that moment; cracked me up! Of course, I teased Mr.4444 about it, and he took it well.
Thanks....I just want to thank you all for stopping by, even though I haven't read a blog in more than a week. My Reader is full to bursting, but with California, and my first week back at school, plus the kids and all of those FORMS to fill out and pay for, I've neglected your blogs. :( I promise to catch up soon, starting today! I look forwarding to connecting with you again soon; your friendships means a lot to me; thanks :)

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