Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here are a few snippets heard this week in school:

First, in the office, by a teacher's aide who was supervising a lad I had sent out of my room for being constantly disruptive (I'd had enough.)...

"I HATE Mrs.4444 GUTS! I hate, hate, hate her! I just want to crush her SKULL!"

Of course, 15 minutes later, when I went down to debrief with him, he said, "Well, you know I didn't mean it." Yes, I knew he was sorry, but it's 2008; you just can't say that kind of crap in a public school and think you can not get sent home.
Second, my friend's son, who is doing his student teaching in an inner-city Milwaukee K-8 school, knelt down at the desk of an 8th grade gang-banger to calmly and quietly ask him to stop talking while he was teaching. The student brazenly replied, "You're a motherfu--ing rapist." To make a long story short, his "discipline" was a flippant, "Sorry" tossed to the floor of the principal's office. He was then sent back to class. Yup; that's it.

(I am counting my blessings that I work in a school district that isn't afraid of students.)
************************************************************************************* Finally, heard from the mouth of a new, struggling kindergartener in our district:

"Get your hands off me, you motherfu--er!!"

My heart breaks for this child, seriously. What has this poor little guy gone through in his short life to have those words in his vocabulary?

I have to make a concerted effort to not let this stuff cut through to my heart; instead, I have to focus on how my classroom can be an oasis in a troubled child's life. I pray to God to use me as a vessel to fill each child's life with His love; enough love to give them strength and healing.

And hope.

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