Monday, September 15, 2008

High School: The Time of Your Life??

Recently, Wendy Brown enrolled herself at a local high school. Excited to be a sophomore, Wendy was transferring from a school in Nevada. Happy to immerse herself in the social aspect of school, she joined the cheerleading squad, went to practice, and attended classes the first day, blending in with the wide range of student-types. Some thought she appeared "older," but she dressed and "had the demeanor" of a teenage girl, which is odd, considering that Wendy Brown is 33 years old.Wendy had enrolled herself using her daughter's birth certificate, transcript, and Social Security number. (Her poor daughter is/was a student at the same school but was unaware of her mother's deception.) Wendy got caught because she was truant on the second day of school, which led to an investigation. Her mother, who is legal guardian of Wendy's daughter's (thank God), helped with the investigation.

According to the criminal complaint (felony identity theft), "The defendant stated she wanted to get her high school degree and be a cheerleader because she had no childhood and was trying to regain a part of her life she missed."

B.S. Wendy is a criminal; she has a "history of deceptive practices." (It's no surprise that the check she used to pay for her cheerleading uniform bounced.)

It also comes as no shock that Wendy could only hack one day of high school before needing to take the day off; she isn't the hardworking type, obviously. She could have saved herself a lot of trouble by just asking any real student; high school is not a party. It's hard; the classes, the homework, the social aspects. I wouldn't go back if you paid me.

Would you?

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