Monday, September 22, 2008

Should I be driving?

Last Friday, I left school and picked Kyle up from our house. I then drove to the Honda dealer, where my silver Civic was waiting, having undergone it's scheduled maintenance. We had borrowed Mr.4444's mom's car while my car was being worked on, so of course, after we picked up my car, we had to return Grandma4444's car to her. Since Kyle didn't know how to get there (new driver, remember), I led the way.

When we got to Grandma's house, I pulled carefully into her garage and turned the car off. It was then that I noticed a bunch of junk in her car (coffee cup, McDonald's wrappers, miscellaneous garbage) and said to myself, "Wow. That's not like Grandma to have garbage in her car. Oh, yeah; that must be our garbage." I grabbed some of it to throw it away, stepped out of the car, and noticed Kyle in the other car, wearing a scowl and mouthing the words, "What are you doing??" Only then (when I also noticed the green Ford Taurus he was in) did I realize I had pulled my own car into Grandma's garage.

Needless to say, it had been a rough week. And no, my mistake had nothing to do with being blonde (I'm not really blonde, anyway.) I was just that exhausted. I'm starting to catch up with my work now, though, and we had a nice, relaxing weekend, so I'm looking forward to the new week.

Hope yours is an easy one :)

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