Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Keeper of My Heart

I saw this secret today (Sunday) at Post Secret, and it touched me, not because I wish my dad had taught me to play catch (I don't), but because of the loving, nurturing, sweetness of this woman's husband. It reminds me of something Mr.4444 would do.

Ever since we met (24 years ago), Mark has nurtured me in a way I only dreamed possible as a child. Here are a few examples...

I have dry skin (and this was back before dishwashers); every boy who ever held my hand (rollerskating, especially) had exclaimed, "Wow! Your hands are really rough." When Mr.4444 and I started dating and he held my hand, he commented, "Your hands are nice and soft." (Never mind that he was a laborer on a construction site at the time and had incredibly rough hands--I was hooked!)

Also when we first started dating, I mentioned that I had never had steak growing up (we couldn't afford it.) Mark showed up on our doorstep (my friend's and my apartment) with all the fixin's for a steak dinner, which he lovingly prepared for us. He is an incredible cook and continues to nurture me and our kids in this way. [As a matter of fact, he just now appeared with an unexpected (and delicious) omelet for me!]

I clearly remember when we were first married and I noticed that Mark never, ever opened my mail. (I know that sounds strange, but my dad opened my mail all the time at home.) When I said, "I think it's so cool that you never open my mail," Mark replied, puzzled, "Why would I open your mail? It's addressed to you." My heart melted.

He changes the wiper blades on my car before I even notice they're old, rubs my shoulders when I've been at the computer for a long time, and makes sure the covers are tucked over me just right when we go to sleep at night. Mark is one of the most thoughtful, generous people I know (and anyone else who knows him would concur.) He's not perfect, of course, but his nurturing qualities always trump his faults and endears him to me every day. I am a lucky woman.

When I told Mark I was writing this post and asked him what he remembered about his discovering my lack of exposure to some things back then, he said, "I just remember your childlike enthusiasm about stuff that, for me, was commonplace." He said he enjoyed exposing me to new things, such a downhill skiing, eating dinner in nice restaurants, and going to Six Flags.

"I've always liked exposing myself to you," Mr.4444 added. (Did I mention he has a wonderful wit and makes me laugh every single day?)

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