Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bad News and Good News

Conversation between Charlie and me on Thursday....

Mrs.4444, my stupid cat sat on the mice.


When I came home from school yesterday, two of the mice were flattened in their box, because my stupid cat sat on them.

You have a cat??

Yes, and I don't know how it happened, but he got in my room and sat on my mice. So that's why I beat the crap out of him!

Why in the world would you beat your cat like that? I'm guessing he didn't go in and sit on them; he was probably playing with them and killed them that way, being too rough. That's what cats do, Charlie. It's their nature.

I don't care. And then he went in there again last night and flattened the last one. I found it this morning. I'm going to beat the crap out of him again today when I get home.

Charlie, that's just wrong. It's not your cat's fault the mice are dead. Cats kill mice instinctively; it's just what they do.

Not my cat. I have the non-mice-killing kind.

There is no such thing as a non-mice-killing kind of cat, Charlie.

Well.... I train my cats not to kill mice.

How in the world do you do that??

Huh? I don't know. I just do.

Charlie, if you go home and hurt your cat, I am going to have to report you to the Cat Protection People. I understand that you're upset that your mice died, but that's unacceptable. You may not hurt your cat. [And I'm going to call your mom later to make sure you don't!]

So, no need for any mouse names, unfortunately, but I appreciated all the cute suggestions.

Now for the good news...

Holy cow! I didn't realize how busy DJane is until Thursday night, when I read more of her blog. This girl is a single mom of three, a student, and WAHM in two businesses (here and here). And yet, she took the time to bust out her "Stupid Human Trick" (SHT), which I require before passing on awards. What a great sport, huh? I thought maybe I had gotten away with not having to do it (the links, oh the links, how they torture me!), but Jane took the trouble to make her video, so I must oblige...I hereby give this award(pretty cute, huh?) And because it's my blog, I get to offer up these two, as well...Before I say who gets their pick, I want to tell you the rules: There are none. That's right; just pick your favorite and hang it up. Of course, it would be nice if you linked back to me when you post about it, but please do not feel any pressure to give the gift to any certain number of other bloggers; do so only if you are moved to do so. I want this to be a treat, not a trick, heehee! In fact, I'd like to encourage everyone to just give one of these awards to someone today, not because you got one and have to, but because you appreciate someone. Do it "just cuz."

What? Oh, my times running out? Okay, okay. And the awards go to....

Milena-This woman writes like she's feeding you, and I'm not talking about brussel sprouts, here. I'm talking about creme de la creme meals, here, folks. I always, always leave Milena's blog feeling pleasantly full.

Birdie--Birdie, Birdie! Man, this woman is ambitious! She bakes, beads, blogs and sews with enthusiasm and joy, which she spreads everywhere she goes. Birdie is a sweetheart, and the blogosphere is a better place because of her.

Terri-Terri is a published author, ladies and gentlemen! Okay, she'd want me to mention that her work was published in a magazine, but she will one day give CL Wilson a run for her book-writing money! Terri, you're a gem; keep on sparkling! :)

Jen, from Cheaper Than Therapy-Jen is always doing for other people. She's thoughtful, funny, and talented. And she's a savvy shopper and a good sport. Jen deserves an award :)

Someone else who deserves an award is Nebraska Girl. She is an very hard-working, photo-taking, college-going single mom who inspires me with her determination. You go, Nebraska Girl! Take your pick!

Amelia Bedelia (otherwise known as Amy) has one of the prettiest blogs I've ever seen; I just love it. She's also funny, creative, loving, and thoughtful; I added her blog to my reader after reading just one post ( think it was this one.) Amy cracks me up :)

Charette is a brilliant writer. This month, she has written some ghost stories (true) that are beautiful and compelling. For her writing talent alone, she deserves one of these awards, but she's also a gifted painter, as evidenced here. Thanks, Charette.

If you like gorgeous photography, check out Jackal's work. She's got a gift, and I'm so glad she shares it.

Okay, it's been over an hour now, so I hope this was worth that amazing trick, DJane. (How do you do that???)

P.S. If you would like to see my SHT, click here, but Zoeysdad's trick is WAY better than mine, so check that out, too.

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