Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fragments

Welcome to Friday Fragments, where the little thoughts/observations found throughout the week finally find a home.

Warm and fuzzy....
This post from Zoesdad really touched me this week. I know you'll love it, too.

Impressive....I'm all about making a difference in this world. Chalkdust is, too. He's inspiring, as well entertaining. Here's just one example.

Question....The 2009 Guinness Book of World Records is out. Teacher Jill Drake has what is officially the loudest scream on Planet Earth. How do you find that out?

Innovation....Into cats? I came across this this week. (It's a site that offers a podcast of a cat purring. When I played it, our cat Gus became quite interested!) I also found this amazing "Wall Mounted Cat Path." Although yellow is not part of my current decor, I think it's great! (Click on the photo for the source.)Equally Impressive....I'm a winner! On Tuesday, I was a winner over at Veggie Mom's blog. What did I win? Two of her Uncle Lynn's Pop'rs flavors!! I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of my prize and look forward to sampling their yummy goodness. There's still time to join in the contest fun; the grand prize will be announced on Saturday, so head on over!

Entertaining....Met godless heathen, Bejewel this week. This woman is hilarious. Here's the snippet that hooked me:

One time, I farted at work and a co-worker passed by my office, smelled it, stopped, came back and asked me if I was eating egg salad for lunch.
I denied everything while she continued to sniff deeply, wondering WHERE that egg salad smell was coming from. I found this absolutely hilarious. My husband and I still call farting “making egg salad.”

See what I mean?

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