Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thousand Words Thursday


Okay, even though this photo already says a thousand words (such as, "Wow. Nice hair!" and "What is that white thing on the floor??") I feel it necessary to add 108 extra words to clarify what I am doing in this photo.

For the record, many kids with autism have unique "sensory needs," otherwise known as "sensory processing disorders." This 7th grader is one of those. Each day, after a couple of hours of classes, Charlie arrives to my room and begs me to "squish" him under the beanbag for a few minutes, because it makes him feel "grounded," so-to-speak and calm (and I am happy to oblige, because it allows me to sneak a nap in, LOL!) We don't talk or anything; I just lay there and hope he's breathing (JK, of course!). For the record, he is happily and enthusiastically posing like a dying child in this photo. [No children were suffocated in the taking of this photo.]

For more information about the sensory needs of many children with autism (in case you don't believe me, LOL), check out this article, which I think is pretty succinct and informative.

And for more pictures that "paint a thousand words," visit Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy!

P.S. And that "thing" on the floor is a piece of masking tape; I mark out where the desks need to stay in order to keep kids a safe distance from each other ("personal space," chit-chat issues, etc.)

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