Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctor, Doctor!

Okay, desperate times call for desperate measures. I've been suffering now for more than two weeks with this problem with my tongue. (Stifle the laughter here, please; I'm serious!) My tongue has red patches on it (only the front and sides), and it constantly feels like I just burnt it. (No, I didn't burn it.) And don't complain about how gross this photo is; it looks minor compared to the horrors I found in Google Images when searching a cure. Absolutely disgusting!)

First went to the doctor (an Internist, just by chance), and her response was, "Hm. That's weird. I've never seen that before." She gave me Nystatin, which is used to treat thrush (too gross to link to). I didn't follow the instructions religiously, so after a week of no relief, I asked them to fill the prescription again. This time, I followed the instructions to the letter, but still no improvement after a week.

On Friday, I caved to my sensibilities and visited a witch doctor. Just kidding; she's just an herbalist, but I like to refer to her as witch doctor, because I think some of her ideas are silly. For example, she suggested that I put my feet in a solution that would "draw the toxins" from my body. I passed on that, but bought what seemed like a logical solution worth trying; "Yeast Fungal Detox" pills and "Probiotic Eleven, to "repopulate my intestinal flora" and regain a proper "gut." Forty dollars and four days later, my tongue still hurts, and my gut feels fine.

I have to wait til December 9th to see some type of specialist (Ear, Nose, and Tongue?), but since I'd prefer to have my tongue in working order before then, I'm open to unprofessional opinions.

What do you think?

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