Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pants on Fire

Before you read this story, please familiarize yourself with Charlie. (I'll wait.) I typed this transcript of Charlie's constant chatter Monday morning, in homeroom (7:30am).
Good morning, Charlie.

Hi. You know my friend, James? He can talk to the devil and God and stuff. And guess what? He asked about me, and it turns out I'm a ghost rider. That's very rare; there's like only one of those in the world. See everybody knows that when you die, part of your soul comes back reincarnated. Right before my last reincarnation, I was actually a ghost rider. Half of my ghost rider self was put in this body here [points to his skinny little self].

Sounds like fantasy to me....

Well, you see, the ghost rider is the undead, a walking skeleton with flames over the hands and head. And every time he goes to take a step, it leave flames behind it.

Sounds like a fire hazard. How many ghost riders have you seen?

Maybe 30.

Really...What makes you believe that you are a ghost rider?

I don't know. The reason why the flames can't be put out is because it's eternal. I'm telling the truth. I'm not lying.


I think the truth is that he's watched too many movies...

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