Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Fragments

Anniversaries....My friend, Weaselmomma, celebrated her 100th post this week and is hoping for 100 comments on this post. The woman has like 15 kids; humor her a little and go say hi, will you, please?

Inspiration....My associate principal offered up this gem of a quote recently: "If you want people to change, you must not push them, or pull them. Rather, you should walk beside them, holding their hands."

New blog....Found this gem of a woman/family through Michelle Malkin this week; The Double Nickel Farm is a blog written by an inspiring woman, Humble Wife, Jen. After an accident that left them with one income, Jen and her family took a proactive approach and moved to a farm in New Mexico, where they have become very self-sufficient.

Strange...Yesterday, a blog that I've never been to appeared in my Google Reader. Has that ever happened to you? I deleted it, since I am not interested in shooting guns properly. (I'll shoot 'em anyway I like, thank you! JK)

Tickets, anyone?....I've got two tickets to Sunday's Packer game. I'm willing to let them go for $100 (20 less than face value). If you know someone who isn't likely to get so rowdy that they get kicked out of the game (in which case we'd lose our season tickets), please email me! :)

Update...I'm happy to report that my tongue, though still sporting unique darkish pink "tatoos" is feeling no pain! Must have been your kind thoughts :)

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