Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Confession Time

Heather, of Singing with My Heart tagged me for this meme:

I have to offer 10 honest statements:

1) I bite my nails to the quick. (It evolved from sucking my two fingers as a kid.)
2) I have another bad habit of biting my lower lip (in the winter) until it's raw.
3) I am not a fan of little dogs.
4) My eyebrows are downright unruly at this moment.
5) I was once picked up for shoplifting. (I was in middle school. I've never done it since.)
6) I do not dust regularly. (In fact, I admit that I hardly ever dust.)
7) I pray for Snow Days. Well, maybe not pray, but I do everything I can to will them.
8) I am terribly behind in my IEP Progress Reports to parents (though I do communicate with many of my students' parents on a daily basis.)
9) This one is terrible; I sometimes use the word "retarded" in a very non-P.C. way. This is very hypocritical, given than I don't allow this word in my classroom and forbid my own children to use it. I'm sincerely ashamed about that and hereby promise to make it my New Year's Resolution to be more articulate.
10) I often talk on my cellphone when driving. (Santa's bringing me a Bluetooth headset.)

Man, now I feel like crap. On the other hand, this should help knock me down a peg or two for those who think I deserve angel's wings.

I'm supposed to choose seven of you to do this meme, but I won't. Instead, please take it if you feel need to bare your soul.

Off to Confession....

(Just kidding. That's another honest thing; I don't go to Confession and have excused both of my kids from making the Catholic sacrament.) Guess I'm going to hell...

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