Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Memorable Gifts

It was three days before Christmas 2001 when we heard a knock on our front door.

That's odd! Who could it be?! We aren't expecting anyone, are we?

Mr.4444 went to the door, and what should he find but a whining little puppy in a crate, with a note:

Dear Kyle and Kendall,
I wanted to wait til Christmas to bring this little guy to you, but he is just so anxious to meet you that I feared he might fall out of the sleigh if I waited until it was also full of toys! I hope you like him. Sorry I didn't give him to you personally, but I have to get back to the North Pole!

Love, Santa

Here's what the kids thought...Do you have a childhood memory of a special Christmas gift? I'd love to read about it (in the comments, or in an old or new post); add the link to Mr.Linky or just tell us about it.

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