Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Tips (for those who don't think things through)

Tara recently wrote a post about re-gifting.

Gifting Tip: When participating in Secret Santa at work, do NOT re-gift something you've received to the person whose name you have, because guess what? Sometimes, the people running the SS deal are stupid and give people EACH OTHER's names. Yup; it happens. I've witnessed this. And no, it was not me, thank you! I was only a casual observer (a very entertained casual observer. LMAO!)

A Tree Tip: When your husband comes in with the tree base needing another 6 inches cut off (but it's already in the tree stand) and says, "Let's just put it up and see. If we don't like it, it'll be simple to just lay it down and cut in with a hacksaw" (on the livingroom floor, over a tarp) PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN and send it back outside immediately!

Baking Tip: Before quadrupling a recipe, remember that last year, the Kitchenaid mixer you borrowed was much bigger than the one you now own. Otherwise, it can get a little messy. (Tune in tomorrow at Mrs.4444 Cooks for how I know this!)

Got any good holiday tips? If so, leave them in the comments.

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