Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Winners (and Losers, unfortunately)

Sarcastic Mom sponsors a collection of Weekly Winners photos that always a treat. (Sadly, when I went to link to Sarcastic Mom's site, I learned that she had some very sad news this week. Please keep her in your prayers.)

Remember this, from just ONE WEEK ago?
I mean this very sincerely when I say I did not do this on purpose...It is a darned good thing I take better care of my kids than I do my plants! Thankfully, no one can report me to Plant Protective Services. On the bright side, the other plant? Mr.4444 waters it. And in just a few days time, look what we saw this week.Isn't it beautiful? (Good thing our ceilings are high!)

I'm not a total failure; look what I've done with this cactus!! (The flower is fake, BTW.)And finally, here's a pic of a social experiment that we are doing. This tree is at the entrance to our neighborhood. Just for fun, Kendall and I hung an ornament on it. Our hope is that others will be inspired and hang one, too. Time will tell....I sure hope it works! (I'll keep you posted.)

Have an inspired week!

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