Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My "Nice" List

I decided to create a meme (I guess) to share my Christmas shopping list. Here's what I'd buy you if I could:

Beany and her family-Answers. And peace.
Rikki-A boatload of dress-up clothes for that adventurous, silly, energetic bunch of rugrats at her house, so we can see more heart-warming photos of their adventures.
Janice-A really good massage, a personal notetaker for school, and some comfy shoes for work.
Amanda, Proud Mommy of Four-A fresh, dirty diaper from Breigh every day for one year (or until she's trained :)
Lynette-A magical ability (in every male who enters her home) to be covered in a "Cloak of Perfect Aim" as soon as they cross the threshold of any bathroom in the house!
Annie-A private concert with Tim McGraw, plus a new outfit to wear for the occasion :)
Wine at Five-A cure for M.S.
Abby-A photo of her (by herself) on Santa's lap. (You know you wanted that, Abby! :) That, and a year's worth of Chapstick (her favorite).
Cathy-Her dream job, whether that be staying at home, becoming a real estate agent, or something else that inspires her, just as she inspires others.
Mary Ellen-a private detective to aide in her search for her biological parents.
Brillig-Hours and hours of creative genius that flows onto her keyboard so fast that she loses her breath and has to quit for a while to come and visit bloggyland again :)
Rea-A brand-new digital video camera, so she can capture all the fun that her little guy inspires in everyone :)
Carla-A fire extinguisher!
Veggie Mom -The time to make a cookbook with all of those delicious recipes she's been posting for the past month!
Country Girl-$1000 giftcard to her favorite fabric/sewing/craft store!
Rick at Organized Doodles-Enough drawing materials to last a lifetime (He's a talented guy who puts smiles on many, so he deserved it!) That, and something Harley-related. (He can pick.)
BadMomma-I'm not sure what it would be, but I'd love to give her enough money to do something really fun with her boys; a trip? Maybe. I have a feeling she'd know exactly what they could do that would be fun.
Tara-A lifetime supply of notebooks and her favorite writing utensils, so she can continue to record her gems (at Chili's, or wherever she happens to be)
Tammy at PinkStinx-Some nice, new cookie sheets. That, and a big, neon sign that reads, "Please keep your poop to yourself!"
Weaselmomma-A week-long stay at an all-inclusive resort for her and her family.
DaPoppins-Since she likes to cook; her dream kitchen, complete with all the gadgets she could dream of.
MattDaddy-An audition with Dancing With the Stars; I figure with all the fancy footwork he's learning with the Kendo stuff, he should be a good contender. I'm sure he'll make Lance Bass look like Howdy Doodie! (Does anyone know who Howie Doodie is anymore??)
Jen at Mommy's Mayhem-Personal training sessions with Leslie Sansone along with several cute workout outfits, of course!)
Legal Diva-The time (and money) for a weekend shopping trip on the Magnificent Mile, Rodeo Drive, or wherever she'd like.
Gladys-A computer whiz to take her entire old blog and move the content to her new one; I know she hates to leave it behind, and since she's got a lot of gems there, I don't blame her!
Sarah, of OakBriarFarm-We've only just "met," so this was tough. Since she loves to cook so much, though, how about $1000 worth of her kitchen stuff "Wish List?"
Semi-SlackerMom-Free carpet cleaning until her son is old enough to stop peeing in the playroom!
Jil Jil bo Bill-A generous gift certificate to Crate and Barrel, or Pier One, or wherever she likes to go for decorating ideas. That, and some tanning sessions. LOL
Rebecca-A lifetime supply of yarns from all over the world, so that she can knit to her heart's content. That, and some Bengay for her hands!
Michelle-Start-up cash to pay off debt and start your own business
Tena-A great massage; she's always taking care of other people
Terri Rainier-One day each with her favorite authors, to learn some more tricks and get feedback for her passion; writing.
TerriTerri-Some really cute running outfits, so she can prepare for the marathon I'm sure she'll be running in soon.
Sari-Just a day or two off for herself, so shop, visit friends, go to the spa, or just take a nap. She deserves it.
Caution-Five year's worth of professional hair coloring, to get her through this rough patch in the economy.
Okie Sister-That zoom lens her hubby's been wanting, so he can take more of those GORGEOUS photos they both enjoy so much!
Colleen at Mommy Always Wins-A warmer for her satellite dish, so that it doesn't ever again get filled with snow and cause her uncle to lose a finger. (That, and a family trip to Italy.)
TZ at Zimmerhouse-A Personal Assistant (or two) to help her get through school guilt-free. Of course, she'll get to do all the fun stuff with the kids, but the PA will do all the mundane, yet necessary tasks.
Krystal...Just Drifting Along-A speedy recovery for her BFF and family, who were hit by a drunk driver recently.
Melissa of Suburban Scrawl-A visit with her grandma, who most assuredly would tell her how proud she is of her over a fresh bowl of homemade potato chips.
Dysfunctional Mom-All she needs to foster as many dachshunds as she could handle :)
MightyMom-The family vacation of her choosing (cruise, camping, or even just staying at home with a maid and housekeeper for a week or two (with or without kids!)
Kritta22-The geographical assignment of her choosing for her husband and family, for whatever length of time she would like. That, and a trip to Mexico with NO kids (her own, or anyone else's!)
WheresMyAngels-A cruise (with or without kids; her choice), for as long as she needs it.
Kate at Walking Kateastrophe-A year's worth of professional pedicures :)
Mike at Unraveling Life's Mysteries-A lifetime membership in the Cigar-of-the-Month club.
Heather of Singing with My Heart-A load of firewood (delivered and stacked) for her to enjoy as many fires in her backyard firepit as she and her friends/family desire.
Kim & Company, a incredible massage (because she would know the difference) Also, some real tub toys, so her poor little boy doesn't have to resort to playing with his....
Melissa B-Everyone's going to be jealous of this gift; the gift of time, time to write whatever your heart desires, to nurture your talent.
Princess Pointful-Concert tickets of her choice for her and as many friends as she could fit in the limo!
Sandra, of Add Humor and Faith-A day in the kitchen with her favorite chef, plus whatever's on her kitchen gadget wishlist.
Angelika-Some confidence and lessons in assertiveness. JUST kidding, Angelika! I'll give you whatever you like; just don't hurt me!
Sonshine and Renee-Their own cake-decorating shops, with big, beautiful windows for their gorgeous cakes to be displayed.
Sabrae-a year with a personal trainer, so that she can get down to her favorite weight and get that wrap-around tatoo she'd like.
Georgina-A job for her husband; one he finds fulfilling and lucrative, so much so that Georgina can just stay home and love on her "beans."
Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy. Boy, that's a tough one! Travel? More tickets to Ellen? Okay, I'm going with a brand-new, state-of-the-art computer that allows her to get through all she likes to do on the computer in half the time.
MyJolie-A 3rd bathroom, because she could use one :) (And a makeover of the one that was recently involved in an "incident."
Amy, of Amelia Bedelia-A lifetime supply of beautiful, comfortable, flattering, sexy bras in her size.
Terri A-Healing for her dad, as well as for her and her relationship with her son.
Cousin Tina H-An Event Planner to do all the hard work of planning our next family reunion so that she can get a break :) That, and a new pancake griddle, since I know she's probably worn hers out from all the yummy pancakes she makes at her house!
MomoFali-A new medical discovery that allows her son to receive all medical treatment via a video game controller :)
Charlie on the PA Turnpike-Almonds aplenty, plus a real-life field trip for his cyber-schooling son (or sons?) wherever they would like. (I do hope you'll tell me where that would be, Charlie.)
Georgie-healing for her dad
Annie-Porta-potty for the next time she goes camping!
Liz of Eternal Lizdom-Ten "Full Night's Sleep" cards to use whenever she wants. Wow-She's going to love this gift!
Amy at True Aim and Jennifer, at Learning to adjust-I would fly Jennifer out to visit Amy for a week (excusing Amy from all studies that week, of course). Aw, let's make it three times per year, until Amy graduates.
Valarie Lea-Lifetime supply of craft products so that she and her kids can make as many fun, cute projects as they like.
Kazzy-A brand-new camera, complete with all the bells and whistles (and someone to teach her how to use them!) so that she can expand her photographic horizons.
Mrs. Schmitty-Voice lessons for her and her son, so they can make music that doesn't hurt anyone ears :) That, and I'd pay for her registration to BlogHer Chicago.
Jill, of The Perlman Update-I'd fly several of her favorite family members or friends to visit her in India over the course of the year.
Jackal-A showcase of her amazing, beautiful, moving photographic talents.
Geri-The political connections to keep her friends from having to go back to danger in their homeland this month.
Naomi-Funding for her to pursue the cause of her choice; maybe prisoner's rights? I have a feeling that if money was no object, she could really make a lasting mark in that field.
Literal Dan-A family ski vacation (just kidding; his wife would cry!) Nope, all-inclusive family vacation is more their thing. That, and maybe a new blog design that suits his personality (silly, sweet, funny.)
Bee-Continued weight loss and a new wardrobe to take advantage of her hard work!
Heidi-A major contract with Barnes & Noble for her new book, Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind.
DaddyForever-A year of Saturday Home Depot workshops, so he can learn everything he ever wanted to know about how to fix a falling-apart house :)
Jen-A second bathroom, complete with a jacuzzi tub and built-in stereo, far enough away from the rest of the house, so that she can really "get away."
Birdie-a romantic getaway for her and her husband, ending with their kids (and extended family) joining them for an extra week.
Linda S-A housekeeper, so she can continue (guilt-free) to write hilarious posts (and not be "snippy.) Oh, and one more little thing; a migraine-free household!
Zoesdad-Thirty "Daddy Gets to Sleep In" coupons. (And sure, I will babysit, so that his wife can "sleep in" with him. heehee)
Won-A sense of peace; one that is lasting. That, and a half-million dollars to start her non-profit idea to support parents of children dealing with terminal illneses.
Milena-Concert tickets (and plane tickets, if necessary) to five of her favorite musical groups; this girl appreciates the finer things in life, and music fills her soul to the brim, so this is perfect for her.
Our Crooked Tree-A trip to the great outdoors (place of her choosing) for her and her family (if she chooses :). Every time I think of her, I remember how happy she looked on that rafting trip; good times.
Life's About a Dream-An extra supply of carpet cleaner to help her keep up with those boys of hers, and maybe a nice digital video camera to capture all the fun :)
Kandee-A cure for breast cancer (she's a survivor, and I know she would love a gift like that.)
Charette-A trip to a place she'd love to paint. (I hope you'll tell me where that is, Charette.)
Outnumbered2to1-Free haircuts for her boys, so she can put her scissors away and focus on making homemade taffy! Yum.
ManicMariah-A personal assistant to help her breeze through a day so that she can then go get a massage and pedicure for herself!
Candid Carrie-Hm...That is a tough one! Pay for a big party (travel expenses included) for her and all of her bloggy friends? She's a social butterfly, that one!
The Mama Bird-a patio set, so that when she makes the big move to the burbs, she can learn what it's like to sit outside in the morning with a cup of coffee; waking up to the sounds of birds singing and her kids playing on their swingset.
Leah-Deluxe Car Washes for a year, so that she and her daughter can just sit and do each others' nails, see movies, or go to lunch, instead of washing the car, LOL.
OhAmanda-$10,000 to give to the One Dollar Give charities that she chooses.
Humble Wife-Someone to come and work the farm for a week or so, plus cash so that she and her family could go do something fulfilling for others and take a mini-vacation.
Kristin/The Goat-Have you seen her list of 101 Things to Do? I'd give Kristin a Personal Assistant to help with #13, 25, 26, 27, 33, 37 and private lessons for #29.
Jamie, at Walking by Faith-The DVD of Bolt when it comes out, plus tickets to her favorite Christian singers' concerts (all of them, including airfair, if necessary.)
Apryl-The Amazon Kindle and a beautiful Nativity Scene of her choice, though I would recommend this one. (Thanks for the hints, Apryl!)
Imez-A mirror that shows her only her best qualities (inside and out) so that she can only see the person I see her as; wonderful, thoughtful, funny, sweet, creative and brilliant.
Frogger-A 2-week getaway vacation (worry free) for her and her man, to the destination of her choice, of course (even if that's her own home.)
Hot Tub Lizzy-A brand-new, hard-cover set of encyclopedias, and a cruise for her, Mr.B and all of their friends!
DJane-Renewed health for everyone in her family for the next year at least (no colds, flu, broken bones, etc.) and no major health concerns for the rest of their lives :)
Judy-A ripple effect; for at least one person to join the Make-A-Wish effort each day, for the rest of the year, inspired by her post.
Nebraska Girl-A professional grade camera (and a "tutor" to help her figure out how to use it, so that she can take even more beautiful photos of whatever she likes :)
Melissa, of Rock and Drool-a beautiful, lime green winter jacket and smokin' hot boots, so that she can add a little cheer to the days of anyone who sees her coming (from a 1/2 mile away!) :)
Amy-Understanding and acceptance for her son from his teachers and classmates (and their parents).

Did I miss you? Dang! I'm sorry. As you can see, this was quite an undertaking, but don't take it personal. Leave a note to let me know what you want. Because I missed you, I'll feel so guilty (unless you're a lurker) that you'll be sure to get what you want!

How did you get on this list? By commenting on my blog some time in the last month or two or being in my reader. Thanks for making blogging so entertaining, rewarding, and meaningful. I appreciate you.

People nice enough to not yell at me for missing them (proving for sure that they belong on the Nice List!):

CatHouse Teri (still thinking on what to get her; she really does seem happy with what she has.)

AmyAmyBoBamy -How in the world could I miss AMY? She's soooo nice!! I would give Amy a brand new, beautiful laptop, complete with a pink, fuzzy cover. And once the SS stuff is done, she can just relax and play on the computer, instead of worrying about slackers! :)

Jenni, a newcomer to HPKT. No bribery necessary Jenni, but give me a minute :)

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