Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thousand Words Thursday

Guess what I'm about to do? Go on; guess!

I made a little slideshow of how to use a netipot, but Michelle thinks it's TMI, so I'm holding on to that. She's right; it ain't pretty. However, if you feel a cold coming on (or if you're in the throws of one), and if you are brave (like me), you should try a netipot. Tonight was my first time, and because I didn't read any directions first, I got a flashback to almost drowning as a kid, but I stuck it out and figured out how to do it. Mr.4444 (and Kyle) has been using a netipot for a couple of years now, after he finally got sick of having 3-4 bad sinus infections each year and agreed to try it. Since he's been using it, he gets maybe one sinus infection a year (when he's forgotten about the netipot.)

After I used the netipot tonight; my running nose and congestion were gone. I still have some pressure behind my eyes, but it's now four hours later. Maybe I should do it again? I used sea salt, but Wikipedia says "one study indicated that salt from the Dead Sea was especially efficacious." I'd like to try some of that. Anybody here from Israel or the West Bank?

Okay, I think you need a video (It's not mine, though.) Enjoy it anyway!

For more Thousand Words Thursday pics, visit Cheaper Than Therapy.

[Update: Okay, here's my slideshow. Don't say I didn't warn you!]
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