Saturday, December 27, 2008

There's one way to feel warm again...

Nebraska Girl tagged me for the photo meme thingy. You take your folder in which you keep your digital photos, choose the fourth folder, then the fourth pic. Explain. Tag four people. Here's mine:It's Kyle and Uncle George, on the shore of Lake Michigan last summer (no summer would be complete without a visit to Uncle George and Aunt Bette's place). They were playing bocci. (Yes, Kyle had a tether on his ankle, in case he should get caught up by the wind and carried away :) I must add that he has put on lots of muscle since swim team started and now (6'1") weighs a whopping 140 pounds!)

I hereby tag Won, Tena, Weaselmomma, Kandee, and anyone else who'd like to play along!

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