Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Fun (and Fragments, if you have them :)

I've got Mr.Linky down there for anyone who wants to post Friday Fragments this week, but I have a different plan...

Our Christmas Eve was spent as usual; we went to church and came home, opened our Christmas PJ's, then had a wonderful meal of fondue tenderloin, chicken, etc. Kandee texted me to say she was dying to see a pic of us in our pj's, so we obliged...We took a break from playing to finish our little Social Experiment. Here's the pic from Monday...While it wasn't wildly successful, we were thrilled to find that two neighbors had followed suit and added ornaments to the tree at our neighborhood entrance; a silver snowflake ornament and a golden pinecone! Because he has so much Christmas spirit, Mr.4444 had bought extras for the little tree, and after dinner, we went out (yes, in our pj's!) and finished the tree off. Check it out...We sure had a ball! Another really fun thing we did tonight as a family is play our new game system, called GameWave Family Entertainment System. It's a DVD system that has fun games to play, and the cool thing is that each player has his/her own remote (it comes with six) to enter answers. The games we played (for THREE HOURS) included two different trivia games, Letter-Zap (like Boggle), and a game that was a lot like Wheel of Fortune (there's more, including more types of trivia, but we haven't had time to play them all yet.) Mr.4444 was the champ at the Arc of Trivia game, and Kendall proved to be the consistent, freakishly-successful winner of the Letter Zap game. Even my mom (who turns 80 this summer) joined us today to play, and she had a lot of fun (once we taught her how to use the remote!) I am so glad that I bought the GameWave, because I can see us spending many hours with it. The kids are going to enjoy having it for when their frends come over, too. Plus, it's a DVD player, also, so we killed two birds with one stone.

I learned about this game because I am a BzzAgent who tries out products/websites, etc. and offers word-of-mouth feedback. I was offered the game for a mere $49.95 ($40 off). I highly recommend this game system to anyone who likes to play games, doesn't like waiting their turn, and likes to have quality time with family. If you have any money left from Christmas or need a good gift for a family or a game for entertaining, go to GameWave (enter the code GWBZZPH208) and order yours for the same low price that I got! I'm looking forward to taking GameWave to a New Years Eve party we're going to next week.

I would say that this game could be played by kids as young as eight or ten (It says 12), but they might need help with certain games. Also, we really loved the graphics and the audio that gives instructions, etc. However, the game does "razz" people at times if they lose. I wasn't impressed with the "Wow. You suck!" comment from the game, but we only heard it once in six hours of play, and since we love the game overall, I'm going to to pretend I didn't hear that. Game Wave also offers Veggie Tales and Bible trivia games that look like a lot of fun (and I'm guessing are rated G all the way! :)

I hope that you, too, were able to spend plenty of quality time with your families and that the true meaning of Christmas was alive for you. I very much look forward to reading your posts :)Here's for your Friday Fragments:

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