Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jennie B, at Learning to Adjust, can do a fabulous "Stupid Human Trick!" Check this out:

She did it to go along with this award, which I have been coveting for days....Thank you, Jennie!! As far as I'm concerned, anyone who can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, write a blog, and be a terrific mom at the same time deserves this award! (If you can do all three, by all means, take it!) Don't be afraid to stop over at Jennie's to compliment her on this feat (and her cute little boy). She doesn't get a lot of company over there and is a great hostess!

Okay, now for the rules: Name five things I am addicted to and pass the award on. I've decided to kill five birds with one stone and list five blogs to which I am addicted! That should cover it! (This list is by no means complete, BTW!)

Jen-Cheaper than Therapy (Yes, Jen. It's another award. Where are you hiding them all, BTW?)
Charrette-Divergent Pathways I love the way Charrette writes with her heart and soul.
Post Secret, of course
Kel, The Girl in the Glasses Check out her Would You Rather Wednesdays; funny stuff!
MomoFali-Always making me laugh (and sometime cry)

These bloggers are a handful of many fabulous folks who hang out around here! (And BTW, ALL of you are invited back on Monday for my big 444th Post Giveaway!!)

Thanks, again, Jennie, and I am now off to post your trick in the Good SHT's Hall of Fame! :)

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