Monday, January 19, 2009

My 444th Post and Giveaway!

Hurray! I've arrived at my 444th post, which, to me, is a fun milestone to celebrate! Who knew it would start as homework (I started this for a class I was taking) and turn into a home-away-from home? I want to first thank all of you who take time out of your busy days to stop by and say hi, smile, laugh, encourage, and just set a spell. I treasure your friendship (and you lurkers out there!)

So, in honor of my 444th post (tomorrow), I was going to give away 444 prizes, but then I figured my cart would get too full at Walmart, so I've narrowed it down to one prize each to four different winners!!! (Quit your complaining! Like mom always says, "Beggars can't be choosers!" Now get in line and settle down. No need to trample anyone.)

First, an autographed copy of Barbara Coloroso's Kids Are Worth It! Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline. If you don't win the book, I strongly encourage you to purchase it; it will be a great investment. Among many other things, you'll find out if you are a Brick-Wall, Jellyfish, or Backbone Parent, how to solve sibling rivalry problems, and my favorite: Getting Your Kid Out of Jail and other Mega Problems. Seriously, this book has been a bible for me over the years, and I have two great kids to show for it.

Second, this absolutely ADORABLE "Cuddly Crooner," which has three functions. One: to cuddle with, of course! (It's very snuggly!) Two: It's a hand-puppet (supposedly a goat)! and Three: It "sings" The Lonely Goatherd" song from The Sound of Music when you squeeze its ear, spit in its eye, or something like that (I can't remember!)I loved this thing when I found it a couple of years ago, and I bought two, but I've never found a purpose for the second one, so it is still in it's packaging. I have to add (as a Public Service Announcement) that this thing is perfect for a grandparent to give to a grandchild, especially if you want to drive your kids crazy. While I love it, others might not appreciate the "yodelayhee, yodelayheeho, etc." Wait a minute; I'm having second thoughts; his thing is cute as heck! Okay, okay, I'll part with it!

Third (and Fourth, sorry, I can't think of anything else and I'm broke!) a copy of my family's cookbook, Hungry for More: A Second Helping of Draeger Descendants with a Dash of Family History. As others will attest (Come on, you guys, attest!) this is a very special book that offers not only recipes, but also funny, sweet stories about my mom and others you would love to meet.

To enter, comment on this post. If you blog about any of my parenting posts (Respect, Family Identity, Education & Limits/Boundaries, Attention, or Follow-Through) or my Mrs4444 Cooks blog and provide the link in a separate comment on this post, you will earn four more entries (Don't worry; I'll put your name in the "hat" the four extra times; you won't have to leave four more comments.)

No need to Twitter, Follow, do SHT's or promise your first-born child. However, you'll need to tell me which prize you would like, if you have a preference. (See, I don't always listen to my mom; I'm letting you "beggars" choose!) Winners will be drawn the old-fashioned way, with Kendall doing the drawing on Monday, January 26th at 5pm.

Thanks, Everybody! Good luck! :)

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