Monday, January 5, 2009

Out With the Old (no pun intended)

To say that Mr.4444's mom (age 71) is far from tech-savvy is an understatement. She thought she was a big-shot when she figured out how to play a DVD when her VCR died not too long ago (and we refused to buy her another one.) Try as we might, though, she says she has no interest in getting a computer, learning how to email, etc. But there's hope....

"Hey, Grandma, let's play checkers," Kyle suggested to Grandma4444 on Saturday. Looking at the tiny contraption in his hand, Grandma4444 said, "Huh?"Kyle showed her his I Pod Touch (Mr.4444 got two of them FREE with credit card points saved forEVER. The kids were stunned on Christmas morning.)

"Watch, Grandma. I'll show you how I plan to kick your butt." They played for about 15 or 20 minutes, once Grandma got the hang of the light touch/tap you have to use on the screen (instead of using her fingertip like a pencil!) Kyle showed no mercy and did win, but not without a very good fight! There was plenty of suspense and surprises.Before we knew it, Grandma4444 was beating everyone on the "Test Your Reflexes" Lightning Tap application on Kendall's I Pod.
Who knows? We might be able to pull Grandma into the 21st Century after all :)

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